Our church is family.

“Throughout my life, this church has provided me with many blessings. It has given me friendship, love and support during difficult times. It has offered my family and me a place to call home. Nowhere was the love of this church more evident than when I brought our baby granddaughter to church this summer. The genuine care and affection shown, made me know that this is my church family and always will be!”  – Bonnie Boucher


“I love this church because the wonderful people have been there for me through many of my difficult times. I appreciate the welcome, the cards, the help I have received, the smiles, the prayers, and knowing that I can get help if I ask. I have had hospital visits and prayers when I thought I would not survive. GOD is definitely at work in the Hooksett Congregational Church.”  – Gini Robb


“I love this church because it is the church I was born into. I was baptized here, attended Sunday School, and still use the Bible I received when I was confirmed. Don and I were married in this church and celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary here in May 2012. I cannot imagine my life without this place to come to on Sunday and to participate in the many wonderful things that this church does.”  – Marilyn Pelletier


“This church is important to me because it recharges my battery, it makes me feel good for the rest of the week.  This church gave me meaning when all meaning was lost; it has given me purpose.”  – Carole St. Jean


“I support this church financially because I can’t imagine my life without this church in it.”  – Joan Cote


“I love this church because it has helped to shape and grow my faith.  In good times and in bad, my church family has made a positive difference not only in my life, but that of my family.”   –  Judy Duval