The mission of the Diaconate is to give Christian guidance to members of the church and the community through worship, study, and outreach; creating an atmosphere where people feel welcome and find fulfillment of their spiritual needs.

Hymn NumbersThe Diaconate’s members assist the Pastor in the life of the church. They help the pastor set policies and procedures for church services. Duties are varied and plentiful, and are carried out with humor, pride, caring, and appreciation for fellow church members.

Responsibilities of the Diaconate include:

  • Preparing and serving communion
  • Preparing for and assisting at baptisms
  • Overseeing Coffee Hour after the church service
  • Serving collations after funerals
  • Assisting at weddings
  • Preparing for special services such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday
  • Arranging for ushers and worship leaders at church services
  • Sponsoring the Living Nativity
  • Decorating for holidays
  • Sponsoring and assisting at brunches and dinners
  • Care of the Parish (preparation for weekly church service)
  • Voting for new members and transfers
  • Serving as representatives on various committees within the church
  • Visiting church members and friends of the church
  • Preparing pictorial directories