Little church down by the riverKnown by many as “The Little White Church Down by the River,” the Congregational Church of Hooksett has been a beacon of strength and hope in the community since 1824, when it was first formed. The church building was built and dedicated in 1846. Throughout its history, the sanctuary has been a place of worship for well-known local families, such as the Robies, Poors, Head, and more.

The strength and character of the congregation has been developed over the years through the challenges it has faced. Challenges, such as the great flood of 1936, during which the church was engulfed by the Merrimack River. The flood destroyed many structures in the village, including the church vestry. However, a strong foundation held the main sanctuary in place, providing a place of refuge and safety for the town. A wooden cross, made from the roots of a fallen tree, hangs in the vestry today, reminding all that the church’s faith in God is strong.

Over fifty years later, in 1994, the strength of the church and its congregation was tested again when an arsonist’s match destroyed the parish house. By the grace of God, the main sanctuary survived, and from out of the ashes arose the fellowship hall, a gathering place for members of the church and community.