Congregational Church of Hooksett

Our Pastor

A bit about our Pastor……..

In March of 2017, the Congregational Church of Hooksett, called Rev. Jenei Rossigg, to be our settled Senior Pastor.

Pastor Jenei is originally from North Carolina, although she has spent over a decade living in the Midwest and New England. She is actively involved in ecumenical and denominational ministries, as well as community outreach programs addressing justice related issues such as local hunger and homelessness.

Education and Experience

Rev. Rossigg received a Master of Divinity Degree from Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, North Carolina, a Master of Sacred Theology from Chicago Theological Seminary, and has been working on a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies focusing on Hebrew Bible at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Chicago.  She has served four denominations in ministry as well as taught at a synagogue.  She was a nationally certified assisted living director and has lectured on elder care based on her research on this topic.

Before authorized ministry, Pastor Jenei was a successful IT specialist, focusing on network hardware.  As a part of her diverse business background, starting with managing her family’s drive-in theaters, she later developed property, restored two historic homes, built a shopping center, and has even worked as a licensed auctioneer. At Chicago Theological Seminary, she served as the director of facilities, helping the seminary to renovate existing properties and leading the initial projects to build the seminary’s new LEED Silver Certified seminary.

Interests and Passions

The biographic information is helpful, but what’s most important to know about our Pastor is her love for following the call of the Holy Spirit. She loves to laugh and most usually has a great story to share. Sometimes her Southern accent sneaks out, often during a story. You will hear her use phrases like “ya’ll” and “bless your heart.”  She prefers hugs to handshakes, but doesn’t like to intrude on personal space!

Pastor Jenei is genuinely interested in listening to and learning about the people she meets.  She is passionate about helping people let go of what holds them back from experiencing and sharing God’s love, grace, and compassion.  She is a prophetic witness to the Gospel and believes that following the Holy Spirit is done together beginning with listening, and always involves, learning, healing, and praying.  She knows the importance of singing, laughter, and play in our journeys.  We find wholeness in ourselves as we seek justice, do mercy, and walk humbly with God.


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